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Here's a sampling of some of my recent workshops, presentations and teleclasses. They can all be lengthened, shortened or otherwise
customized to meet the specific needs of your group.

Be forewarned. I have an interactive, spontaneous and irreverent speaking style and expect active participation from attendees. There's
nothing more boring than listening to someone drone on for what seems like an eternity and
I don't like to be bored! My material is very
good, but audience participation makes it great!

Workshops and Presentations

Be My Valentine - Open Your Heart to Love! We women want (and deserve) to be loved and respected. This applies not only to single
gals looking to find romance but those who want to enrich their relationships with partners, family and friends as well.

Rockin’ the Boat: 6 Steps to Reinventing Yourself Start taking charge of your own life to create the future of your dreams!

2010 - If Not NOW, When! - If Not NOW, When!: 6 Steps to Self-Empowerment Learn how to treat yourself like your own best friend
and not your own worst enemy!

Keeping On Top No Matter What Strategies and habits to keep your attitude positive no matter what challenges and struggles you find
yourself faced with. Your surroundings are affected by your attitude - what is yours?

Reiki for a Happy and Healthy Pet Learn how this gentle form of touch-therapy can support and enhance your pet's energy system,
bringing them into a state of balance and harmony.


Rock the Boat Baby! - Reinventing Yourself in the Recession The 6-week teleclass series that helps you determine why NOW is the
perfect time to chart your own course and gives you effective, simple to follow steps to help you create a viable backup plan to thrive in any
economic climate.

2010 - Time to Celebrate YOU! This 6-week teleclass series helps you validate the WONDERFUL and POWERFUL woman you already
are and gives you effective, simple to follow steps to make this your best year ever!
Recent Workshops, Presentations and Teleclasses
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