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Transform your life on your own terms
Mission Statement
My mission is to help other women to transform their lives and reinvent themselves on their own terms. In so doing finding their life's purpose
and living fabulous, authentic lives with courage, gratitude and joy!

My Clients
The women I work with are ready to take the steps to make positive changes in their lives. Creating changes from the inside out rather than
reacting to changes from the outside in, they become emboldened and empowered as they step into their greatness.

Often small business owners or solo-preneurs, they come to me unaware of how amazing and strong they are.  Our work together allows
their self-confidence to expand while taking their businesses to the next level of success. The Dalai Lama said
"The world will be saved by
the western woman"
and these are just the women to do it!

Transform Your Life
Does any of this sound familiar to you? :
You feel stressed or overwhelmed with all you “need” to accomplish.
You feel suffocated or “stuck” in a current situation.
You feel sometimes as though you are just “going through the motions” of life and not truly living.
You have a dream you have not dared to believe in.
You're not sure what you want to do with your life.

Whether you're a woman looking for more meaning and clarity in your life or a business owner trying to integrate your business and personal lives, we all have dreams we secretly wish to pursue and there's not one set "cookie-cutter" way to reach for them.

Everyone's situation is unique and as your coach I work along side you to forge a clear path to your goals that is as individual as you are.
Drawing on my diverse background as a certified professional coach, a holistic healer and my practical business skills, along with your own
experiences we'll co-create an action plan that will propel you forward in an empowering and exciting way.

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